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December 27, 2002

Rose McGowan
Reece Witherspoon
Nicole Kidman
Katie Holmes
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Eliza Dushku
Denise Richards
Cameron Diaz
Alyson Hannigan
Tara Reid
Sarah Michelle Geller
Natalie Imbruglia
Kylie Minogue
Kirsten Dunst
Kate Winslet
Danni Minogue
Emma Caulfield

July 9, 2002

Kylie Minogue
The Scooby Gang

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December 27, 2002
The long promised update...
I've whumped an astounding 37 wallpapers onto the site today, though I only made 2 of them, the rest being (as usual) the handiwork of Ali & Mdm. Anyway this little lot should keep you busy for a while!
December 27, 2002
A Total Rewrite!
No updates for nearly 5 months, it's Shocking! Still there were reasons for the neglect. Alas real-life impinges on my time all too frequently. The other major reason for the delay is of course the total site-rewrite you see before you. You don't see it? Looks the same? Well yes, yes it does look very similar. But under the hood we have some major re-engineering. Everything has been rebuilt from the ground up using XHTML and CSS. Target browsers are IE6, Opera 6 and Mozilla, if you have anything older the experience will be flawed -probably severely. This effort has cut my html pages sizes to about 60% and the (non-wallpaper) graphics to about 50%. These are the two items that gobble my bandwidth, so this is a good thing. The other major overhaul is the fact that the site is now extensively generated from data. A site like this is an obvious candidate for such an approach. I did play with the idea of running the site live, but in the end I decided to keep the authoring offline. Still, now adding new images or even pages is for me as simple as entering a couple of lines in a database, dropping the image files in the appropriate place and running a single perl script. So here it is I've published it now. I still have some niggles to work out, some features to add, some attempt to better the support of old and/or non-standard browsers and of course I have to start adding the wallpaper images that have been piling up on my harddisk for months! Let the party begin...
July 9, 2002
Just a few more
Ali sent me a bunch of new images, I've put a few up today, but the others are going to need new pages and I really can't be bothered sorting it out right now. Later.
June 25, 2002
Oooh Alyson!
Still clearing my backlog of half-finished wallpapers. Here's Willow looking mighty fine (as usual)
June 23, 2002
Ali & MDM Fest
More delights from Ali and MDM. More Sophie, more Kylie and a surprise Samantha Mathis submission. Nice pic.
June 16, 2002
A couple of mine
Shock! Surprise!! Yes, I've actually uploaded a couple of my own wallpapers as opposed the multitude supplied by Ali! :-) 1 nice pic of Clare Kramer and one of Christina Ricci!
June 14, 2002
A whole bunch more
A whole bunch more pictures from Ali. Including 3 news pics of Sophie Eliis Bextor, who, according to my server logs is the lass that everyone wants to see.
May 26, 2002
Just One
Just a single picture this time. Its a nice hires Sarah Michelle Gellar pic I actually started over 8 months ago but never quite got round to finishing. I don't suppose it's finished even now, but it's good enough for my desktop and I was getting sick of keeping the 200Mb source file on HD!
May 12, 2002
Ali splashes out (again)
Well, it's been a while. Busy, busy! Ali sent me a bunch of stuff about a month ago, I've put some of it up, the rest will have to wait till I can find some more time <sigh>. I see that now Kylie page 2 is full (30 Images), I'll have to start a new page for the next lot.
January 9, 2002
The Return of MDM
My good ol' buddy Mdm who is pretty much responsible for giving me the idea to make my own wallpapers in the first place (waaay back) has sent me some new Images. Including the lovely girlies from Steps, and a couple of Charisma Carpenter. Way to go MDM, glad to see you just about remember how to work Photoshop :-)